Looking after the Village

Looking after the Village

Keeping Conwy Marina Village well maintained and attractive is a high priority for owners. The Management Company ensures the houses and apartments are painted regularly while Covenants ensure owners individually play their part.

There are a number of Covenants which all property owners contractually agree to when they purchase their properties. These are automatically extended to tenants or anyone else using properties in the Village.

The Covenants were set up to ensure that the quality and standards of the Village were maintained for all owners and residents to enjoy in the years to come. They've been doing that successfully now for over 20 years. We would ask all owners and their tenants and visitors to please adhere to them.

Gwynt Y Mor at Conwy Marina Village
Meirion Drive at Conwy Marina Village

Painting and Gardening

The Management Company arranges for the exterior of all houses and apartments to be painted every three years. The cost is covered by the annual maintenance charge and includes two coats of quality Johnstone's paint or stain applied to rendering, doors, windows, soffits, fascias, lamps, and railings.

The Company uses a reputable, local Contractor to carry out the work. The Management Company regularly solicits feedback which shows that owners are very satisfied with the service provided.

Sixty six areas of gardens to the fronts and sides of houses and apartments are maintained by the Management Company using the services of a local Gardening Contractor. Again, the cost is covered by the annual maintenance charge.

External Changes

Owners have made it clear to the Management Company that they do not wish to see significant changes to the houses or apartments so the Company generally will not authorise changes to the design, materials or colours of the properties.

The "Useful Contacts" page of this site provides information as to where owners can purchase replacement items and find Contractors who have a track record of working in the Village to owners' satisfaction.

Marina at Conwy Marina Village

The Covenants

While there are slight differences in wording between the Freehold and Leasehold properties and the different Phases of the Village, the content is broadly similar. Below are extracts from the Fourth Schedule of the Transfer document which is signed by house purchasers. Any further clarification should be available from your solicitor.

1. Not to transfer, charge or otherwise part with possession of part only of the Property.

2. Not to Transfer the whole of the Property without ensuing that all transferees execute a Deed of Covenant in duplicate and deliver both parts to the Management Company contemporaneously with such transfer on terms enabling the Deed to become effective immediately the Management Company seals and completes it.

3. On title to the Property devolving by whatever means on any successor in title of the original Purchaser named in this Transfer to execute a Deed of Covenant in duplicate contemporaneously with such devolution and deliver both parts to the Management Company within the following fourteen days on terms enabling the Deed to become effective immediately the Management Company seals and completes it.

4. Not to use the property other than for private residential purposes.

5. Not to do anything which may lessen the support or protection given by any wall, fence, or other structure or feature declared a party responsibility pursuant to paragraph 3.0 of the Ninth Schedule.

6. Not to erect any external television or radio aerial on any part of the Property without the written consent of the Management Company (such consent not to be unreasonably withheld if adequate reception [with booster apparatus] cannot be otherwise obtained).

7. Not to position any satellite dish on the property (This Covenant is not currently enforced).

8. Not to erect any rotary airer, line, pole or other apparatus for the drying of clothes or other items nor otherwise to leave out any such items for drying on the Property.

9. Not to park any heavy or light goods vehicle, caravan, boat, trailer or similar type of vehicle on the Property, any Common Parts, any Adoptable Roads, or any other part of the Development.

10. Not to obstruct any area or appropriate any facility within any Common Parts except in the proper exercise of any right granted by this Transfer.

11. Not to use or keep on the Property any operative machinery other than the usual domestic machinery.

12. Not to keep on the property any livestock, poultry, pigeons, or birds of prey.

13. Not to remove or destroy any tree or shrub planted in the Managed Land.

14. Not to remove, decorate, embellish or otherwise change the appearance of or interfere with any planting boxes, beds, stonework, railings, parapets, columns, statues, or other landscaping or ornamental features installed by Crest or the Management Company on the Property of the Development.

15. Not to plant obstruct or otherwise obscure any part of the Property which is required by the highways authority to be kept clear for vision splay purposes.

16. Not to construct or erect on the Property any building or other structure (including any garden shed or other building) or construct any extension or make any alteration to the external appearance of any building or structure except strictly in accordance with detailed plans previously approved in writing by the Management Company to whom shall be paid for approving the same a fee of £25 or such higher fee as shall reasonably be required (plus value added tax at the rate then prevailing).

17. Not without consent of the Management Company to change the colour scheme for the external decoration of the Property.

18. Not to allow the front garden of the Property to become unkempt or untidy, nor to erect any fence or wall which shall be more than one metre in height, or allow any hedge planted on any such garden to grow to a height in excess of one metre.

19. Not to do or permit to be done on the Property any action matter or thing which may be or become a nuisance annoyance disturbance or inconvenience to the Transferor, the Management Company or the Owners or Occupiers of any dwellings erected or to be erected on the Development.

20. To keep in good condition and repair any parts of any Service Installations which lie within the Property.

21. To contribute a fair proportion of the cost of inspecting, maintaining, repairing and renewing any Service Installation which serves the Property.

22. To maintain, repair and renew any wall, fence or similar boundary structure or feature indicated on the Property Plans by a “T” within the Property and any wall, fence or other means of enclosure elsewhere within the Property except where such maintenance repair and renewal is the responsibility of the Management Company in accordance with its obligations in the Sixth Schedule.

Gwynt Y Mor at Conwy Marina Village
Marina at Conwy Marina Village
Meirion Drive at Conwy Marina Village
Meirion Drive at Conwy Marina Village
Morlais at Conwy Marina Village
Ellis Way at Conwy Marina Village