Documents and Information

Documents and Information

This page has links to material that property owners may find useful. Material may be added to it from time to time as it becomes available. Click on the buttons to access the material. Some of the documents are long and may take some time to load.

The Original plan shows all Village properties and boundaries. The Common Areas are owned by one property but accessible by all. The Strategic Landscaping areas are maintained as garden areas by the Management Company.

All the houses and apartments in the Village are painted by the Management Company once every three years in accordance with the Schedule.

Aberconwy Borough Council gave approval in 1989 for Pearce Developments Ltd. to build a Marina and Marina Village on the site under Application 4/14/1150 B.

A comprehensive "Section 106" document was produced on 25 April 1991 which also imposed restrictions on future changes to the whole site.